1. I have read and accepted the terms and conditions and privacy policy and hereby authorise and confirm the following as Talent:

1.1 Talent agrees that all Income may be paid to Castme Talent Agency and hereby consents to deductions being made for any amount due. Castme Talent Agency agrees to pay the balance of Income to Talent after deductions. Any compensation payable to Talent shall be payable as and when the income to which such compensation relates is received by Castme Talent Agency.

1.2 Castme Talent Agency to send invoices and statements on behalf of Talent.

1.3 Talent agrees to pay to Castme Talent Agency, and Castme Talent Agency agrees to accept as its full compensation from Talent for such services, a service fee in the amount of 30% from the full rate (including, without limitation real or personal property, at fair market value paid by others to Talent (the “Income”) directly or indirectly, as a result of arrangements for Talent’s services and from arrangements for the use of a Talent’s Identification, entered into or substantially negotiated during the term hereof including renewals, overseeing castings and extensions of contracts, regardless of whether Income is paid to Talent during or after the term of this agreement.


2. For the duration of the term of this agreement, Talent appoints Castme Talent Agency as Talent’s attorney-in-fact and hereby authorises Castme Talent Agency to:

2.1 Negotiate and execute in Talent’s name agreements for any services or licenses related to the use of Talent’s Identification; and

2.2 Collect and receive monies, and to endorse Talent’s name upon and deposit same in a checking account and to apply them against any amount owed by Talent to Castme Talent Agency.

2.3 Sign all contracts pertaining to his/her work on behalf of the Talent.

3. This Agreement is read together with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Castme Talent Agency. By accepting, on this platform, both Castme Talent Agency and the Talent agree to adhere to the terms and this agreement.

I hereby agree by selecting and ticking the boxes supplied that thus shall be treated as if the instructions have been issued by me personally and once submit, this agreement will be seen as signed and accepted by the parties and fall within the jurisdiction of Cape-Town, South Africa.