Knowledge Base and FAQ’s

1. What are Castme's preferred communication methods?

Castme communicates directly with talent through WhatsApp and email. It is essential to provide the Castme team with your accurate and current WhatsApp number and email address.

2. How long, where and from what time will the shoot day be?

Castme will only be able to provide answers to these questions a day before your confirmed shoot day, contingent upon the finalisation of the shooting schedule by the client.

Effective communication is crucial. If you have any uncertainties or inquiries, please reach out to a Castme team member or the production team.

3. Portfolio Photos

To schedule your talent photo session, kindly contact our designated talent photographer, Tertia, directly at 079 825 0989.

4. How do I know if I must attend a casting?

Castme will reach out to you directly should your presence be required for a casting, self-tape submission, callback, wardrobe fitting, rehearsal, or shoot.

Such communication will be conducted through WhatsApp and email. (Ensure to check your email spam box regularly!)

Kindly ensure that you have furnished the Castme team with your up-to-date and accurate email address and WhatsApp number. Additionally, notify us promptly of any changes to this information.

5. Why am I not getting invited to castings or confirmed on jobs?

Various factors may contribute to not receiving castings, including:

Professional Talent Headshots:

Maintaining current and professionally presented talent photos is essential. To avoid the possibility of client rejection due to unprofessional images, please ensure that you provide the Castme team with your latest professional headshots during the registration process.

We strongly advise having your professional talent photos taken by our designated Talent Photographer, Tertia. This service also includes a complimentary talent profile on our website, For scheduling your talent photo session, kindly reach out directly to Tertia at 079 825 0989.


Your physical appearance plays a pivotal role in casting decisions. Please ensure that you maintain the same appearance as depicted in your profile photos when attending castings. Any changes in appearance should be communicated to the Castme team in advance.

Complete Talent Profiles:

Ensuring comprehensive completion of all pertinent sections in your Castme submission is essential, emphasizing the inclusion of detailed information concerning your physical attributes, skills, and sports involvement. You must be active in the skills and sports you mention.

Incomplete profiles may adversely impact your likelihood of selection. The thoroughness and professionalism exhibited in your profile enhance your visibility and consideration for potential casting opportunities.

“No Shows”:

Failing to attend castings or submit self-tape auditions for which you were selected can adversely affect your prospects for future opportunities. Clients may mark such instances as “no-shows” and consider that in future project selections.

Self-Tape Auditions:

If selected for a self-tape audition, it is crucial to submit it within the specified time-frame and adhere to the client’s instructions. Late or incorrect submissions may result in rejection. For any questions or concerns, please consult with a member of the Castme team.

We are committed to supporting your success in the industry. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or further assistance.

6. How long does payment take?

Compensation for shoot day fees is typically disbursed within 30 days from the date of invoicing. However, payment for usage rates may extend up to 3 months, as the final edit must undergo review to confirm your featured inclusion before the payment process is initiated.

7. What gets deducted off my talent fees?

Castme deducts a 30% agency fee from your full rate.

The agency fee is applied to cover the comprehensive management of your online talent profile, overseeing castings, and confirmed projects, as well as the administration of talent contracts and their renewals.

Furthermore, the client or production company deducts 25% PAYE (Pay As You Earn) from your talent fees, remitting this sum to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). If you possess a tax directive, we kindly request you to promptly transmit it via email to

It is incumbent upon the client or production company to issue your IRP5, enabling you to pursue a tax refund through the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

8. Exclusivity

Castme is unable to represent individuals who have an exclusive arrangement with another agency. If you are currently under an exclusive agreement with another agency, we kindly request that you refrain from registering with Castme.

9. Legal Documents

All individuals, both adults, and children, must possess a valid South African ID or Passport, a valid Work Permit (if not South African), and a valid Tax Number. This adherence to legal requirements is mandatory.

10. Tax Refunds

Castme does not withhold PAYE from your rate; this responsibility falls on the client. Additionally, the client is tasked with providing you with your IRP5, enabling you to claim your tax refund from SARS. In instances where a client does not deduct PAYE, it becomes your responsibility to remit this to SARS.

11. Agency Fee

Castme applies a 30% Agency Fee, deducted from your full rate. This fee encompasses the comprehensive management of your Castme online talent profile, coordination of castings and confirmed projects, as well as the oversight of your talent contracts and their renewals.

12. Rates & Payments

Rates indicated are always before Agency Fee and PAYE deductions. It is important to be aware that payments from clients may take up to three months.

13. Usages

Crucial Note: Payment for usage will only be issued if you are featured in the campaign, unless usage is guaranteed upfront.

14. Representation

During castings, callbacks, wardrobe fittings, rehearsals, and shoots, it is imperative to consistently sign in, indicating representation by “Castme Talent Agency.”

15. Etiquette

Punctuality is crucial for castings, callbacks, rehearsals, wardrobe fittings, and shoot days. Maintain a consistently polite and professional demeanor during these activities and on set.

16. Absenteeism

In the event of a compelling reason preventing your attendance or causing a delay for your casting, callback, rehearsal, wardrobe fitting, or shoot day, it is imperative to promptly communicate this to a member of the Castme team.

17. Communication

Consistently monitor your email inbox, including the spam box, and your WhatsApp for communications from our team. It is crucial to verify that your accurate email and WhatsApp details are updated on your talent profile. This is of utmost importance.

18. Work History

If you are affiliated with multiple agencies, it is your legal obligation to maintain records of your bookings and work history. You must communicate this information proactively to all involved agencies. Failure to adhere to this responsibility may result in legal consequences.

19. Your Castme Talent Profile

Maintaining a comprehensive and updated talent profile is essential for enhancing your prospects of securing work opportunities. We strongly advise you to thoroughly review your profile with the Castme team, ensuring that it includes your latest high-quality professional photos, accurate contact details, wardrobe sizes, skills & sports, work history, and other pertinent information.

It is incumbent upon you to proactively keep your profile current and complete through the Castme team.

For scheduling your talent photo session, please contact our Talent Photographer, Tertia, directly at 079 825 0989.

20. List Your Skills

The inclusion of all pertinent skills within your Castme bio is pivotal for positioning yourself for suitable work opportunities. Clients frequently seek information on hobbies, sports, and special skills, and the omission of such details may lead to missed job prospects.

We highly recommend that you meticulously review and complete your Castme bio to accurately showcase your distinctive skill set. Should you require guidance on which skills to include, please feel free to contact the Castme Team for assistance.

21. What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a way to legally protect yourself from late payments and unfair treatment as a Talent for Castme Talent Agency.

As dull as they may be, legally binding documents are your tools to protect yourself and authorise Castme Talent Agency to fight for late payments (or no payment at all ), any potential misuse of your images and your safety on set.

22. Why do we have a Privacy Policy?

Castme Talent Agency’s Privacy Policy provides for the legal protection of our Talent in instances where your personal information is being collected, stored, used or communicated.

Our updated Policy shows Castme Talent Agency’s commitment in protecting and respecting our Talent’s Privacy and ensures that the use of our Talent’s Personal Information is lawful, reasonable, and relevant to our business activities, in line with legislation and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

The purpose is of our Policy is to protect our Talent at all stages from harm and commercial exploitation.

Terms and Conditions / Rights and Responsibilities

Castme Talent Agency ensures that the highest ethical and industry standards are always maintained, and to be concise and transparent with our Talent at all stages during our relationship.

Castme Talent Agency’s terms clearly set out the key terms which will govern the relationship between Talent and Agency moving forward and help both parties understand their duties, rights, roles and responsibilities.

Our terms serve to protect the interests of both Talent and Agency, ensuring a smooth and mutually beneficial collaboration in the exciting journey ahead.

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