1. Talent understands and accept work depends on demand of the Industry, therefor work is not guaranteed.
  2. Talent undertakes to be available for work and will abide by the terms agreed between Castme Talent Agency and Client provided the engagement is one, which is in the ordinary course of my work. Talent understands that the Castme Talent Agency is the Mother Agent.
  3. In the event of Talent failure to carry out a booking according to these professional and industry standards, Talent agrees to abide by such terms as may be re-negotiated between Castme Talent Agency and the Client.
  4. Talent acknowledges that the Client may deduct 25% PAYE from earnings as dictated by Government, unless Talent have provided a letter from the Receiver of Revenue dictating otherwise. In such an event the Client will be required to provide Talent with an IRP 5 at the end of the financial tax year in order to do a Tax Return.
  5. If, following an assignment, Talent is paid in cash the full amount due from the client, Talent acknowledges that this sum includes not only Talent’s fee but also Castme Talent Agency’s commission and booking fee and Talent undertake to reimburse Castme Talent Agency accordingly.
  6. Talent understands that Castme Talent Agency will deduct 30% commission for all jobs. Both Agency fees and Talent fees will be invoiced by Castme Talent Agency.
  7. Talent will not hold Castme Talent Agency responsible for any incorrect banking details supplied. All changes to be emailed and confirmed: mireille@castme.co.za
  8. Talent understands that, during the period of this agreement and thereafter in perpetuity, all fees arising from assignments/contracts with clients, including renewed and / or re-negotiated contracts, originally arranged by Castme Talent Agency between the Client and myself shall continue to be receivable by Castme Talent Agency who will pay my fees in accordance with the terms agreed above.
  9. Talent acknowledges that, whilst potential Clients are believed to be reputable and creditworthy, Castme Talent Agency do not guarantee, and is not responsible for, the payment of fees, late payment of fees and expenses in relation to such engagements. Talent further expressly agrees that Castme Talent Agency shall not be liable to me should any engagement prove unsatisfactory in any respect.
  10. Talent authorise Castme Talent Agency by virtue of the power of attorney to sign any written documents relating to the above. Talent further confirms that they will not sign any documents whatsoever relating to bookings without first consulting with Castme Talent Agency.
  11. Talent will comply with all and any exclusivity or partial exclusivity clauses in any agreement and not hold Castme Talent Agency responsible for any damages as a result of Talent’s failure to comply with the restrictions.
  12. Talent understands that if they cancel a confirmed booking within 48 hours of the beginning of the job or less than the equal period of the job, they will be liable for costs
  13. Talent shall not without the consent in writing of a duly authorised representative of Castme Talent Agency expose, reveal or make public any information in connection with the business of Castme Talent Agency which information is to be regarded by the Talent as of a strictly confidential nature.
  14. Talent acknowledges that nothing in these terms or in the power of attorney, nor any conduct of the parties, shall create or be deemed to create or imply the relationship of employer and employee between Castme Talent Agency and the Talent.
  15. Talent will not hold Castme Talent Agency or any of its employees responsible for any personal belongings lost, stolen or damaged on/off set
  16. Talent confirms that they have the valid working documentation and visa in place and will not hold Castme Talent Agency responsible for non-payment due to failure to disclose this information.
  17. All the personal information supplied by Talent on this site as well as the Identity documents and pictures are legal true and correct.
  18. Talent gives consent for Castme Talent Agency to use any relevant photographs, images or other information relating to the Talent to secure assignments and authorises Castme Talent Agency to adjust or enhance any images submitted to them by the Talent (including by way of utilising artificial intelligence platforms) at Castme Talent Agency’s discretion and to reproduce them for purposes of complying with their obligations to secure suitable assignments for the Talent.
  19. Talent furthermore authorise Castme Talent Agency to submit images and personal information on third party searchable websites and casting databases for purposes of complying with their obligations in terms of this agreement and/or to secure suitable assignments for the Talent.
  20. All images and details modified and/or reproduced in association with Castme Talent Agency are supplied by the Talent and with the full permission and consent of the Talent.
  21. Castme Talent Agency cannot be held responsible whatsoever for any copyright infringements however caused or associated. All images and details reproduced are taken in good faith from the Talent by Castme Talent Agency.
  22. By signing the power of attorney, Talent accepts the above terms and confirm that they have read and understand the responsibilities and terms set out above.
  23. Should Talent decide to terminate this agreement with Castme Talent Agency at any point, a notice must be emailed to mireille@castme.co.za prior to termination of this agreement.